Congressional Voices

Representative Kelly Armstrong (ND-At Large)

“It’s beyond frustrating to see important infrastructure projects delayed due to the federal bureaucracy. Every delay costs jobs and has a ripple effect throughout the economy. This overhaul will streamline the federal permitting process and will help our country expand, update, and rebuild our infrastructure for the 21st century.”

Representative Andy Biggs (AZ-05)

“I applaud the Council on Environmental Quality’s imminent plans to reform the broken National Environmental Policy Act.  By preparing to take this action, the Trump administration is making life easier for Americans by streamlining unnecessary and costly regulations.  This overhaul will maintain public transparency and better fulfill the needs of western states.” Chief Regulatory Reform …

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Representative Rob Bishop (UT-01)

“There has been nothing more detrimental to the development of transportation, clean water, and energy infrastructure than America’s broken environmental review and permitting process. Today, the Administration took another step forward in bringing logic and rationality to the federal bureaucracy. Reducing redundancies, enhancing coordination with states and tribes, clarifying ambiguous terms, and establishing time frames …

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Representative Ken Calvert (CA-42)

“I am pleased that the Council on Environmental Quality is updating NEPA’s outdated implementing guidance. For too long these vague directives have resulted in unnecessary project delays, frivolous litigation and job-killing federal overreach. I applaud CEQ’s work to establish strict timeframes and certainty for permittees that will help advance infrastructure projects vital to our nation’s …

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Representative Liz Cheney (WY-At Large)

“I applaud the Trump Administration’s decision to overhaul burdensome NEPA requirements, which for too long have delayed or restricted everything from energy development and grazing to broadband deployment in Wyoming. While originally established as a streamlined process meant to protect air and water, NEPA has devolved into a litigation tool abused by far-left environmental extremists …

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Representative Paul Cook (CA-08)

“NEPA was initially a well-intended policy, but it’s long past due for an overhaul. Too many beneficial infrastructure projects are being needlessly held up by overly bureaucratic regulations, costing taxpayers money and deferring jobs for American workers. This change would improve the environmental review process while also cutting through the red tape to ensure timely …

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Representative Jeff Duncan (SC-03)

“The Trump Administration should be commended for modernizing the National Environmental Policy Act regulations, a move that has been long overdue. These regulations haven’t seen a comprehensive update in over 40 years, so I’m pleased to see President Trump deliver on his promise to streamline outdated processes, eliminate red-tape, and create efficient standards in order …

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