Coalition Letter to Congress in Support of NEPA Modernization

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As Congress develops infrastructure legislation to stimulate the economy and improve the quality of life for every American, the undersigned organizations urge you to prioritize improvements to the federal permitting process. We fully support the fundamental environmental stewardship goals of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and believe a modernized NEPA process would enhance the ability to realize our shared goals of COVID 19 economic recovery and continued progress on environmental protections, including climate change.

Given the current economic crisis brought on by the pandemic, investing in our infrastructure will encourage growth and increase opportunity, but in particular, can help the communities hit the hardest. Building resilient highways and other infrastructure will help link neighborhoods to businesses and job centers and provide better access to clean water and affordable energy. Investments in telecommunications infrastructure will support virtual learning and drive entrepreneurial opportunities. Improving roads, bridges and the efficiency of the distribution of goods will reduce traffic congestion and emissions associated with it. However, these needed investments will fail to deliver if the efficiency of the federal environmental review and permitting process is not improved.