The Wireless Infrastructure Association

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“It has been over forty years since the CEQ last completed a substantial update of its NEPA regulations, and WIA commends the CEQ for seeking to update the regulations in light of current technologies and agency practices. The United States remains at a critical moment in the global race to 5G. Wireless providers in the U.S. are in the process of upgrading their networks, deploying 5G, and providing better service to more places; however, counterparts in foreign countries are also rapidly upgrading their networks. Enhanced 5G networks will yield numerous benefits to our country, from economic opportunities to advances in science, education, and industry, but the U.S. risks falling behind and potential losing out if outdated regulations slow down deployment. This NPRM presents a great opportunity to update the regulations implementing NEPA, so they can take into account advances in technology while also maintaining Congress’ goals of protecting our environment”