Project Icebreaker | Ohio

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Originally expected to begin construction in 2021, Project Icebreaker is poised to become the first fresh water windfarm in North America. A 21 megawatt clean energy project located on Lake Erie 13 miles offshore from Cleveland, the project would create thousands of jobs for Northeast Ohio. Despite agreeing to 33 project stipulations sought by environmental interests, a lawsuit has been filed under NEPA that threatens to delay the project.

Lead agencies: Department of Energy and Army Corps of Engineers

Project Delay: TBD

Status: Litigation filed in December 2019 is challenging the adequacy of the federal government’s environmental assessment under NEPA

“The clean energy that these turbines will generate is an important step toward reducing emissions and pollution, and combating climate change, which will provide great benefits to birds and other wildlife as well as all Ohioans…“[Project Icebreaker’s NEPA] process included consultation with the USFWS and other federal and state agencies. As required by NEPA, the agencies prepared an Environmental Assessment that was exceptionally detailed and thorough. On the basis of that assessment they determined that Icebreaker would have no significant impact to birds, and no significant impact on the environment. Therefore, in accordance with NEPA, preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement is not warranted and would not add to the analysis beyond additional expense and delay.” – Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation