Allison Creek Hydroelectric Project | Alaska

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In 2007, the Copper Valley Electric Association elected to add more hydroelectric power to its portfolio, with a fish-friendly “run of river” development near Valdez, Alaska. The project was expected to eliminate the use of 700,000 gallons of diesel fuel used for electricity generation each year, eliminating 12,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually—the equivalent of taking approximately 2,600 cars off of the roads.

Lead agency: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Status: began operations in October 2016

“The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued a preliminary permit for the project in 2008, with a three-year deadline for submittal of a formal license application. Despite the co-op’s submission of a timely and complete license application in 2011, FERC did not meet project review milestones. The project did not receive final approvals until late 2013, a delay that cost the co-op millions of dollars—including the cost to purchase nearly a million gallons of diesel fuel. More than $700,000 was passed on to the co-op’s members due to these delays.” – National Rural Electric Cooperative Association