Northern Integrated Supply Project | Colorado

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The Northern Integrated Supply Project will bring critically needed water reservoirs to Northern Colorado, supplying 15 Northern Colorado municipalities and water districts with 40,000 acre-feet of new, reliable water supplies. NEPA reviews for the project were initiated in 2004 and remain on-going.

Agency: Army Corps of Engineers

Project Delay: 15+ years

Status: Awaiting final NEPA approval from Army Corps of Engineers, as well as state water permit

Delayed Investment: $1.2B

Northern Water – and the Front Range water providers who would benefit from the additional water – say that this project is an absolute necessity. They argue that Colorado is growing in population. That those growing cities will need more water. And that these reservoirs aren’t just adding redundancy to municipal water supplies… they’re filling a gap, between the demand for water in the state and the available supply…These are places that want to grow, but if you project out into the future they don’t have the water secured to make that growth possible.