County Engineer Brian Bremmer (UT-Garfield County)

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“In December 2011, as a result ofthe Dixie Motorized Travel Plan that closed 75 percent of existing forest roads to public travel, Garfield County, Utah filed a Data Quality and Regulatory Flexibility Act Challenge to overturn the decision. The U.S. Forest Service responded by agreeing to conduct what they called a “Need for Change NEPA” action if the county would withdraw/suspend the challenge.  The new NEPA process began in spring of 2012 and has been a fiasco ever since. In spite of overwhelming public input asking for roads to be re-opened, the Forest Services has thrown up road blocks every step of the way. Now, in January 2020 – nearly eight years after the initiation of the NEPA process – the Forest Service has yet to produce a viable alternative or a draft alternative and has completely failed in its commitment.  In fact, we hear that it is likely the Forest Supervisor is cancelling the NEPA project altogether, leaving us exactly where we were eight years ago with a completely inadequate transportation plan. It is a classic example of a federal agency’s inability to complete NEPA in a timely manner.”