Commissioner Joel Bousman (WY-Sublette County)

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“In Wyoming we have had mixed experiences with NEPA analyses. It took the U.S. Forest Service over 14 years to complete the NEPA process to renew grazing on the Upper Green River Grazing Allotment. This process took far too long. On the flipside, last year Sublette County and the Sublette County Conservation District did a NEPA analysis for the Bureau of Land Management to provide our field manager the authority to issue temporary nonrenewable animal unit months. The process took only two weeks, withstood scrutiny and is now authorized. As a county commissioner, I know firsthand how cumbersome and inefficient NEPA analyses can be, which prevents important work from being done on our nation’s public lands. The new NEPA streamlining provisions unveiled today will help Sublette County and the federal government to achieve those land management goals while ensuring we have the best scientific data available to guide our decisions.”