Independent Petroleum Association of America

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“The Trump Administration has taken a bold step to modernize the NEPA process. The new rule updates 40 year old regulations by reducing unnecessary paperwork, setting timelines for environmental reviews and reduces frivolous litigation efforts designed to simply stall or delay vital infrastructure projects.  Prior to this new NEPA rule, building or updating energy infrastructure on federal lands could be held up in review for years with no decision in sight. IPAA’s members fully support environmental protections, smart regulations and community input on projects. However, many times the NEPA review process takes longer to complete than it takes to actually finish a project. The time has come to modernize the outdated NEPA regulations and bring the process into the 21st Century. Developing a regulatory program that provides timely decisions brings much needed certainty to businesses and their employees who are trying to plan for the long term and assure labor, equipment and materials can be available when needed.  

“IPAA also applauds the Trump Administration for taking action to spur key efficiency efforts and improve agency coordination when administering NEPA. The Administration’s proposal to condense the interagency review process and designate a lead agency for NEPA reviews is long overdue and enthusiastically welcomed. When the NEPA process results in environmentally sound, modernized infrastructure projects moving forward and being completed in a timely process, all Americans stand to benefit.” 

President and CEO Barry Russell