American Wind Energy Association

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“The American Wind Energy Association supports improving the National Environmental Policy Act review process, said Amy Farrell, Senior Vice President of Government and Public Affairs for AWEA. “While America’s wind energy industry supports the fundamental goals of NEPA to appropriately consider potential environmental and climate impacts, the NEPA process has not been revised in decades. As a result, infrastructure projects, including land-based and offshore wind energy and transmission development, have encountered unreasonable and unnecessary costs and long project delays. It is time to update and modernize the permitting process, which would both strengthen our economy and enhance environmental stewardship.  We look forward to reviewing the proposed rule and working with the Administration to advance infrastructure permitting reform.

Reducing permitting delays and uncertainties associated with responsible wind energy infrastructure development will create jobs, increase deployment of clean, reliable American-made domestic power; expand manufacturing opportunities for workers in local communities (especially in rural and coastal areas); add to local tax revenue; and support broader infrastructure development, such as port revitalization from the development of offshore wind facilities.”