American Highway Users Alliances

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“Today’s final rule modernizes our 50-year old NEPA law and implements commonsense improvements to NEPA’s critical review process. Americans can now unlock essential infrastructure investment for vital projects across the nation. The final rule balances modernizing the NEPA process and protecting the environment. In recent years, NEPA’s complex administrative procedures have ensnared a wide range of economic sectors from transportation to construction to agriculture. Environmental review is an important component of any infrastructure project but a multi-year, duplicative, and drawn out process is not necessary and only thwarts completion of beneficial projects including important projects that benefit all highway users. 

“Bringing NEPA into the 21st Century will speed up the permitting for infrastructure projects and will allow Americans to have access to safer roads sooner as the latest roadway safety features are likely to be included in new or updated projects. This is all the more important given that people are eager to get out on the road now that stay-at-home orders are being lifted in certain parts of the country. A quicker kickoff for roadway projects will also lead to reduced emissions. The freer flowing traffic will ease congestion and will use modern technologies that are more respectful of environmental concerns than they were decades ago. Today’s announcement reflects necessary and long-overdue improvements that will unravel the red tape that has tied up and even derailed vital road projects while ensuring thoughtful and complete environmental reviews.” 

Laura Perrotta, American Highway Users Alliance President and CEO